dagupan bangus fest street party

Fellow Divinian, don’t forget to join us on April 30, 2010, 5:00pm at the Bangus Fest Street Party at the De Venecia Extension Road, take the Lucao Entrance. Our grills will be fronting Stage I to be marked by a DWAD Alumni Tarpaulin. See you there!


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Divinians Invited to Attend Bangus Fest Street Party

DWAD Alumni Association, Inc., is inviting all DWAD Alumni to join the Dagupan Bangus Festival Street Party on April 30,2010 along De Venecia Extension Rd.,The Party starts at 5PM.Enjoy the FOOD,MUSIC and FUN for FREE!
DWAD alumni’s place will be located at grills 1-10 in front of Stage 1, near CSI Stadia.Take the Lucao entrance.
See you there!

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On behalf of the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan, it is my honor to thank the officers and members of the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan Alumni Association headed by Honorable Vice-Mayor Belen Fernandez for the financial help you have extended to Divine Word Academy of Dagupan for the construction of the new primary building.
Words can never express the gratitude I felt in my heart for the kind generosity you have extended to this beloved institution. At this time of year when the Christmas Season is beginning, I am reminded about the things for which I am thankful. I wanted all of you to know how much I appreciate the hard work and commitment you have demonstrated to your beloved Alma Mater.
Thank you for being part of this beloved institution. Thank you for your support. DWAD will always hold you close to her heart. Rest assured that we shall always uphold the goals and ideals of our school. We will remember you with gratitude as we hope to share many more wonderful and celebratory milestones with you. Again, thank you very much. God bless!

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Inspirational Message of Engr. Ricardo A. Gapuz of Batch 1961

Reverend Father Edsel R. Remillo, SVD — Divine Word Academy of Dagupan (DWAD) School Director, Honorable Vice-Mayor Belen Fernandez and the interim DWAD Alumni President, respectable committee members of DWAD Homecoming 2009, dearest teachers, fellow alumni, guests, ladies and gentlemen.

It is indeed an honor for me to be back in DWAD, the former Saint Theresa’s Chinese Academy. I graduated as one of the pioneers of batch ‘61 in English way back 48 years ago and also as one of the pioneers of batch ‘63 in Chinese—as valedictorian of both classes. But regretfully, I cannot locate the table of batch ‘61 nor batch ‘63 tonight in this Grand Alumni Reunion dinner program, so I am alone tonight. Where are they now?

This afternoon, I visited the school compound and it came to my mind that during the graduation year of 1961, we used to pass around the autograph album and I remember what I wrote on the space of AMBITION. I aimed to be a successful electrical engineer as my goal in life. I pursued my studies at the Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Electrical Engineering Department. Five years later, I graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. I took the examinations of the Electrical Engineering Board and luckily placed as the BOARD TOPNOTCHER. I am happy to fulfill my dream and I attribute this success not only to MIT but also back to the ‘source of my training’, the institute that moulded and brought me up to high school—my alma mater, DWAD today.

DWAD is just like the roots of a tree that furnishes the nutrients for the growth, MIT is similar to the trunk of a tree, my professional experiences are the branches and my success is the fruit it bears. Thank you my alma mater DWAD!

I would like to share with you now a story. It runs like this.

A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said: “I don’t think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat.”
“Is the man of the house home?” they asked.
“No”, she replied. “He’s out.”
“Then we can not come in.” they replied.

In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened.
“Go tell them I am home and invite them in!”
The woman went out and invited the men in.
“We do not go into a house together.” they replied.
“Why is that?” she asked.
One of the old men explained: “His name is Wealth” he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, “He is Success, and I am Love.” Then he added, “Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home.”

The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. “How nice!” he said. “Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth. Let him come and fill our home with wealth!” His wife disagreed. “My dear, why don’t we invite Success?” Their daughter-in-law was listening from the other corner of the house. She jumped in with her own suggestion: “Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with love!”

“Let us heed our daughter-in-law’s advice,” said the husband to his wife.
“Go out and invite Love to be our guest.”
The woman went out and asked the 3 old men, “Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest.”
Love got up and started walking toward the house. The other 2 also got up and followed him. Surprised, the lady asked Wealth and Success: “I only invited Love, why are you coming in?”

The old men replied together: “If you had invited wealth or success the other two of us would’ve stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever he goes, we go with him. Wherever there is love, there is also wealth and success!”

What will you choose if you will be the one? I think most of us will choose wealth. Right? But we must focused and choose LOVE instead, because wealth and success will follow after love.

My main topic for tonight is “CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD PERSON”
Characteristics of a good person
(value one’s heart)

What are the characteristics of a good person?

1. Good people leave permanent impressions on others because they possess positive qualities that are respected.

2. Good people pay attention every day to how their actions and words affect the people around them.

3. Good people have common sense and always adhere to decent principles etc.

The following are ageless characteristics and are able to shape for a good person:

1. A good person is TRUSTWORTHY.

a. Good people can be trusted with personal information about yourself or other people and they will never reveal that information to anyone else.

b. Good people are trustworthy vaults, never divulging
other people’s secrets or personal information.

2. A good person does not choose to be in the limelight by gossiping or spreading rumors.

a. Good people take the time to LISTEN carefully and attentively without making any comment and opinion to others and they are people who others turn to when they need a kind ear or a wise voice.

Furthermore, even though they may have opposing opinions, they do not feel the need to speak their mind out all the time. Often they will wait to be asked for their opinion.

b. Good people are not self-centered and do not
only see the world their way. They appreciate other people’s views and opinions.

3. A good person does not care about being satisfied with right or righteous only.

a. He is satisfied that people they care about are comfortable and happy with their chosen life choices. They respect people own decision.

b. Give a good person a reason to be dishonest they will definitely not take it.

4.Good people live by a code of DECENCY.
Although they are not preachers, they live full and rich lives by working very hard. They raise their children to work hard and achieve goals by maintaining a standard of honesty and responsibility.

a. People who share what they have are GENEROUS with their possessions and their time.

Generosity does not only come from sharing things but also from sharing food at a dinner table, lending a hand when an extra pair of hands is needed and always being generous with praise when it is warranted.

*A story of generous and ungenerous men sharing food in two different environments.

b. There are people who are always there to HELP
out those in need, from the smallest to the largest gestures of good will. Good friends can be called on in an emergency in the middle of the night and they
will be there regardless of the time, weather or distance.

5. A good person is genuinely happy for their
friend’s successes.

Promotions at work, successful personal relationships or unexpected financial windfall (an amount of money that you get unexpectedly, like windfall gain and profit that you do not expect) are all reasons for celebrations.

6. A good person does not harbor (keeps in one’s mind) resentment or jealousy over a friend’s success.

7. Good people hold doors open or are open-minded at all time.

They know to give up their seats on buses for the elderly and defend those who are weaker than them.

Injustices are unwelcome by good people who live without prejudice, racism or sexism (discrimination against the woman).

8. Good people are too busy living their own lives and opted not to be involved in nasty, hurtful behavior.

Gossip is nasty and hurtful. Creating friction amongst groups of people is nasty. Jabbing a person with insults and barbs where they are psychologically vulnerable is destructive.

9. Good people shine from within and it is not
surprising that other people want to be with them.

10. Good people radiate positive energy thereby attracting friends and encouraging stimulating conversations.

It is always refreshing to speak to people who are vibrant and interesting and who care about those around them.

There are many people who care about their families, who love their friends, who care about the environment and their communities. These are people who foster the good in themselves and those around them.

11. Good people are role models for children and adults.

They don’t ask to be in the spotlight but because of their actions, people want to emulate them.

12. A good person allows himself to hold up a
mirror and occasionally ask himself if he is behaving to a standard that they can be proud of every day.

Only by setting an example can they pass on the
characteristics of a good person to their children and friends.


Periodically we all need to ask ourselves the
question ” Am I a good person? What do I need to do to be the best person to my partner, children and friend?”

An important characteristic of a good person is being able to change anything about himself, so that he/she may be the best person he/she can be.


Recently in Metro Manila cinemas, there is a blockbuster movie entitled ‘2012’. This movie features the prediction of the MAYAN CULTURE, an ancient culture about less than five thousand years ago that predicted December 21, 2012 as the end of the world in the MAYAN CALENDAR. Even the scientists have confirmed it. On that day, all the planets in the solar system will have a great alignment and planet Earth, where we live will be in peril.

In the New Testament of the Holy Bible, from the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, chapter 5 verse 48 and I quote “ …therefore you must be PERFECT for your Heavenly Father is PERFECT”

How can we be PERFECT? We must all strive to be good persons and be righteous. Be an ELECT.

The Holy Bible also said: ‘…because of the ELECT, this annihilation of mankind will NOT happen.’

So, fellow Divinians, let us all contribute what we can to save the world. TRY TO BE A GOOD PERSON!

”If we strive to be good people, we will leave legacies that our families can be proud of.”

Thank you very much.

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Inspirational Message of Phares Paryno,Ph. D of Batch 1979

Finding Strength in these Turbulent Times

Phares P. Parayno, Ph.D.
Talk given on 21 November 2009 during the DWAD Alumni Homecoming

Her Excellency Vice Mayor Belen Fernandez, Fr. Edsel Demillo, friends, good afternoon! Stephen, thank you very much for that kind introduction. It is nice to be back here again, standing in front of you on this quadrangle. I was expecting I will give a talk in the school gym, which was memorable to me. I remember the school gym was being completed when we were seniors. I think we were the first batch to use the gym as the venue of our graduation. We are batch 79. Do the math and that must have been a long, long time ago.
There are many noticeable differences between now and then. I am sure you are using computers in school. You also have your smart cell phones where you can send pictures, music and text files. I wonder how the school manages the use of cell phones by the students during classes. The use of computer only started when we were in fourth year. I remember, in our class, only Wilson Chua had a computer, an Apple computer. I did not even know how to use a computer until I was in my senior year in College, when I had to do a computer program, which, however, did not run successfully.
Remembering high school lessons
I remember one time, as part of our assignment in English, we had to write a letter to a student of another school. This assignment might have been given by Miss V. Masadao. A grade would only be given if a response letter was sent to me. How will the letter reach the other person? I have to mail it, not by email, but by snail mail or through the post office. This means I have to wait for another two weeks to get a response, even though the other student lives in Dagupan City or neighboring town. You would laugh at you teachers now if this is the kind of assignment they give you. What you would do instead, if you were given this kind of assignment, is open your computer, connect to internet or open your Yahoo Messenger, and then chat with your new friend. Some of you would even communicate face-to-face with another person from another part of the world. Anyway, internet cafes, which are found everywhere, have computers equipped with web cam. I would expect almost all of you have a Facebook or a Twitter account. You would not now hear someone say, “Sulat ka, ha?” instead you would hear, “You twit me.” Or you visit the Farmville and invite friends to plant various vegetables in the cyber farm. If lolo and lola could hear you say these, they would say, “What is a Farmville? What is a Facebook?” This may be the reason why the new telecommunication commercial is targeting grandmothers.
I think your teachers and parents now would have different kinds of problem than our teachers and parents before. Would parents and teachers know whether you, schoolchildren, are doing schoolwork or are members of Friendster or are into online gaming? My observation is that schoolchildren now can do all of these at the same time. You are such good multi-task agents, doing assignment while communicating with a friend through YM (Yahoo Messenger) and holding a cell phone on another hand talking to another friend, or switching cable TV from one channel to another every now and then. I wish I had your skills of multitasking, especially now that I have to attend to a lot of different problems. According to a pioneering study of the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC), almost three-fourths of Filipino schoolchildren have access to the Internet. Maintaining and visiting social-networking sites (SNS) is emerging as the number one online activity. Almost nine of ten schoolchildren who connect to the Net are members of the Friendster, AIJC said. The study also found out that there are “more grade-school pupils than high-school students who play online.” Hala, buking na kayo. Grade school teachers, pay very special attention to what your students are doing. It may be taking them a long time to complete their assignments.
There is a positive side, however, to the use of social networking such as Facebook or Friendster, or Twitter. I am sure you all have very fresh memories of the flood brought by typhoons, Ondoy and Pepeng. Except that these are nightmares. A story was told that as flood was rising very rapidly in Marikina, Pasig and neighboring cities, one parent was very worried where he could find his son, since he could not get in touch with him through his cellphone. Signals were down, but there was internet connection and Facebook was available. I don’t understand why telecommunication network signals were down when you most needed them. He started writing his Facebook friends and asked them to look for his son and to provide needed assistance to him. He must have more than 1,000 friends. Lo and behold, friends saw the entry of the father and immediately searched the young boy. Not long after, friends found the boy and extended the necessary assistance.
The value of not having computer and maybe sophisticated calculator in high school is the training it adds to our arithmetic and mathematical skills. It might have helped if you had Ms. Felipa Rapacon as your teacher in Algebra or Consumer Math. Her focus on you making the right calculation and getting the right answer has challenged me to be my best. Well, her dedication led to my diligence in her class, allowing me to obtain perfect scores in all her algebra exams.
I have another comparison to make between then and now. The emergence of cell phones has made many of us bad spellers and terrible constructers of sentences. Pati mga spelling sa Pilipino, mali mali na rin ang mga nababasa ko sa text. You might have disliked, as did many of my classmates, Ms. Cambay for her being strict in spelling and using the right words, specially when you had to compose a sentence during recitation. Thank you very much, Ms. Cambay. Despite being a probinsyano going to Manila to study, I gained much confidence in conversing in Pilipino with my classmates who all come from different provinces in the country.
Experiences in College and Graduate School
It was a good opportunity to attend college in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I think my training under my high school teachers have strengthened my confidence to interact with competitive classmates who are considered the best from their respective high schools. Away from parents and feeling alone in a big university, I learned to be independent. Activities in college have exposed me to new learning experiences. I think no one graduates from UP without participating in any of the rallies organized by various organizations in the university. One memorable for me is my joining the rally against the Education Act, which was recently passed then. From the campus in UP, I found myself in the middle of Manila with student leaders speaking loudly, and sometimes shouting, their concerns and feelings about the new law. Soon after, heavy rain started to pour and students who were gathered were eventually dispersed. Policemen started approaching us with their batons, hitting many of the students. It was my first time to be in downtown Manila, but, to my surprise, I found myself riding the right bus going back to my aunt’s house where I was staying. I wonder how my parents felt had they know I participated in downtown Manila, heavily drenched and almost got hit by a policeman.
After a good academic training in UP, Diliman, I was able to get to the graduate schools in Bangkok, Thailand for my master’s degree and then to the University of Pennsylvania for my doctorate. Again, thanks to my English teachers and my classmates in college, I gained much more confidence conversing with new classmates and friends who now came from different parts of the world. Graduate studies had brought again new experiences such as exposure to difference cultures in the world and new exciting food from different countries. I now became very fond of Thai and Vietnamese foods. These had developed in me wider understanding of different people.
Challenges Never Seem to Subside
Let me come back to the present. We are experiencing various different difficulties right now. Economic and environmental problems may have reduced our hopes for a much brighter future. Last year we saw the collapse of very huge corporations in the US, whose annual income may even be much higher than the annual GDP (gross domestic product) of many developing countries. The closure of big banks brought the end of other companies that depend on these banks. This has led to increasing unemployment. Americans don’t know how to handle cutback; many of them committed suicide. Here at home, we don’t even notice very much how many workers are being retrenched. When Intel Philippines, one of the largest corporations in the country, moved to China and Vietnam, how many of us felt their absence? Probably, the families of Intel Philippines did mourn their departure. I guess we are used to high unemployment already.
We have had recently massive flooding in the different parts of the country. Although we have seen worse flooding that these in the past, we received so much rain pour in just a few hours. Much more rain took placed in the past, but this rain brought by the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng poured over a few days. Climate change experts say we will have more of like these phenomena in the future—more frequent and stronger typhoons. As the climate changes, we expect to have more disasters and casualties. I am beginning to believe that many of the casualties are man made and not acts of God. Marikina lost so much properties and lives. However, the many lives lost and properties destroyed should have not have happened, had we planned our urban communities properly. I heard that Dagupan did not have any life casualties. Thanks to the preparation the leaders made in the evacuation of the people before the flood.
We have much to change, much to learn, and much to improve if we have to minimize the effects of economic and environmental problems and make this world a better place to live for the young and the helpless. An Indian tribe chief once said, “This we know: The Earth does not belong to Man; Man belongs to the Earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” I hope environmental education becomes part of the program in this school.
Despite having much problems, sometimes with not much to eat and money to spend, our fellow brothers and sisters still appear to be happy. In a way, the winning of Manny Pacman came at an opportune time after much devastation hit the country. Somehow the example of Pacman is providing inspiration to us all in meeting our challenges.
Pacman, an inspiration to us all in meeting our challenges
The winning of Manny Pacman has given us some inspiration and hope amid the challenges we have just gone through. I would like to point out observations made by a newspaper columnist of Manny Pacquiao. She mentioned four admirable qualities of Pacman, which we can all develop. The first admirable attitude of Manny Pacquiao is his openness to self-improvement. According to his trainer and coach, Freddie Roach, Manny always looks forward to learning something new every time he has a boxing match. He wants to learn new movements, skills and new tactics, both defensive and offensive. He wants to use these to exploit the weaknesses of his opponent and beat him. His coach said the he is improving all the time.
The second admirable attitude is his being disciplined mentally and physically as he undergoes his training. Being famous, he has a many possible distractions such as singing, taping a commercial endorsement, acting in a movie, and planning a political career. Yet he went through the needed workouts with such great enthusiasm to sharpen muscles, bones, and mind. Coach Roach got worried about this when Pacman chose to undergo his training in Baguio. Pacman showed the discipline to train and keep on training. He continued even more even though his sparring partners wanted to give up.
The third admirable attitude, which allowed him to exhibit easily the two attitudes, is his humility. He recognizes that he is nothing if does not develop the new skills and tactics he could deploy against an equally powerful fighter. He knows that he is nothing without his coach who teaches him what he needs to know. He recognizes the blessings of God every time he wins a match.
The fourth admirable attitude of Pacman is providing valuable experience to his boxing fans, including the fans of his opponents, every time he has a boxing match. He thinks of fans first and himself second. His concern for his fans and their entertainment energizes him to do his best to fight and then win.
Pacman is very open to new improvement, humble, disciplined, and thinks of others enjoyment. These qualities have led him to achieve great achievement which he is now enjoying. We too can achieve similar greatness if we cultivate these qualities.
Let me add one more quality. This is the recognition of Someone whose strength is much greater than ours and who can always help us. Let me quote these comforting words, which I hope, would strengthen us all as we face many of our challenges.

“If thou art accused with all manner of false accusations;
if thine enemies fall upon thee;
if they tear thee from the society of thy father and mother and brethren and sisters; . . .
And if thou should be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee;
If thou be cast into the deep;
If the billowing surge conspire against thee;
If fierce winds become thine enemy;
If the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way;
And above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.
The Son of Man had descended below them all.
Art thou greater than he?
Therefore, hold on thy way. Fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever.”

It is a pleasure to meet you all today! Thank you very much!

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WELCOME REMARKS DWAD Alumni Homecoming November 21, 2009

Honorable Vice-Mayor Belen Fernandez, the president of the Divine Word Academy Alumni Association and the chairperson of the Alumni Homecoming 2009. Ms. Rosemarie Teng-Mejia, the vice president of the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan alumni association. Ms. Josephine Seen, the secretary of the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan alumni association. Ms. Rebecca Lim, the treasurer of the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan alumni association. Mr. Stephen Tan, the auditor of the Divine Word academy of Dagupan alumni association. Our distinguished speakers: Mr. Phares Parayno, PhD (Batch 79), Ms. Marilou Tabije (Batch 73), Engr. Ricardo Ang Gapuz (Batch 61) and Dr. Rosanna Lim Go (Batch 73). Members of the different batches, friends, Good Afternoon.

It is a great honor to be surrounded by so many distinguished alumni of Divine Word Academy of Dagupan. Every alumni homecoming is traditionally a time of togetherness and sharing of stories and memories. On this day of togetherness, I welcome you all to Divine Word Academy of Dagupan. This year’s alumni homecoming promises to be most exciting and rewarding as different members of the different batches from 1961 to 2009 comes back again to Divine Word Academy of Dagupan to relive once again the memories of their stay in this institution.

For more than 52 years our beloved institution has drawn young men and women from all parts of Luzon and we have sent forth alumni who carry DWAD’s spirit with them as they pursue their lives and careers in different parts of the country and abroad.

This year’s Alumni Homecoming with its theme: “UNITED DIVINIANS, SHARING AND COMING HOME” provides an unequaled opportunity to see old friends, meet new ones, learn about the different changes happening in DWAD and reminisce once again the memories of your stay here. It is my hope that this year’s alumni homecoming would be memorable event for everyone. Once again, welcome and thank you for your presence!!!

Fr. Edsel Demillo, SVD

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Inspirational Speech of Ms. Marilou Tabije-Halls of Batch 1973

I stand here before you to acknowledge and express my heartfelt gratitude to our Alma Mater-the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan City,who has been the pillar and beacon, not only of my academic achievements but more importantly of my spiritual journey on earth.

It was thirty six years ago in March 1973 when I left the portals of our dear Alma Mater to pursue higher education here and overseas;and experience life with its trimmings of fleeting success,evanescent joys,poignant sorrows and seemingly insurmountable challenges.
Today, we have all come together again to reminisce our nostalgic past;rejoice and celebrate our mid -life years;and unconditionally share our skills, our time and our modest resources to our Alma Mater.In short , this Re-union”is the most apt occasion to practise the very foundation of our Roman Catholicism-the 3 theological virtues of Faith,Hope and most importantly-charity- the unconditional, unselfish and altruistic love-the love that Mother Teresa exemplified whilst on earth where she would always say that “true charity means giving one’s love or help or time to anyone until it hurts.”

Allow me to share with you the untold story of my family.

My three sisters and I (we are the last four girls from a family of six girls and one boy) finished our education here through the indefatigable efforts of my mother who toiled as a very humble and lowly gardener,cleaner and altar decorator of St. Therese Church.In return for my mother’s untiring labor, and with the condition that we maintain excellent school marks,Fr. Henry Schmitz, the then Director of the school allowed us to gain Catholic education which will become the bulwark and cornerstone of our future and of our life.My parents have given us the best gift- that is the “Gift of Going Without’- the gift of going through life with very little or no material wealth at all, yet have immense abundance of faith and providence from God,Our Father.My parents especially my beloved Mother,had left an indelible impression upon us for their natural and unpretentious simplicity in life;their unspeakable virtue of humility and love for lowly and manual work;their stoic and unruffled, yet cheerful and buoyantly optimistic disposition to live in material poverty;and their staunch and sublime faith in God who is their Provider and Protector.St Therese of the Little Flower, the patron saint of DWAD, who lived a simple,humble and short life of 24 years,was my parents’ intercessor in their august life on earth. I owe my life to my parents and I thank God for giving me a loving and God-fearing mother and father.

My sisters,Benedicta,Bella,Maria Consuelo and I were very shy,timid and unassuming pupils in our student years at DWAD. However, through the wonderful encouragement and support of Ms. Vilma Masadao Crisologo, our English Grammar and Literature Teacher,we modestly excelled academically-gaining scholastic award;and upholding and bequeathing in our respective Class will and Testament, the legacy of “Fluency and Facility of the English Language” from Benedicta graduating in 1971, down to me in 1973 and then to Bella in 1975.Unfortunately,Maria Consuelo became blind in Year Four;consequently,she was not able to continue her education in this scholl as there were no Special Education resources like Braille books, tlaking computers,etc. for the totally and partially blind students.

From the bottom of our hearts, my sisters and I gracioulsy thank Ms. Masadao for believing in us; recognizing our skills,talents and capabilities;and for advocating social justice-that is promoting equal opportunity for everyone regardless of color,race , creed and status in life.Indeed, Ms. Masadao, has done the rel,actual and pure task of a mentor in us.

Also, I shall always remember and be eternally grateful to my mother’s dearest friend and “brother-cum-confidante”- Mr. Toribio Cervantes, one of the longest serving foreman and carpenter of the school, who is now happily retired with contentment and peace with his family here in Dagupan City.Manong Toribio, as we fondly call him, has been a stalwart proponent of integrity and love of manual labor.During his time, he took pride in his projects of building St. Therese Church and its surroundings,constructing the grotto of Our Lady in the school and doing carpentry,painting,cleaning,etc , in the school and church grounds with such vigor and vitality,honesty and humility.He is the unsung hero of the school and St. Therese Church.

Let us now then reflect on our personal and individual achievements in life and give back to our school and to our fellow alumni a part of our modest resources, ample skills and time and whatever we can give or do as an act of appreciation and gratitude to our Alma Mater.I sincerly hope and pray that we may be able to inspire and encourage one another and enkindle in the minds of our children the cardinal values of justice,prudence,temperance and fortitude.We, the alumni of DWAD, must stand firm and resolute to be responsible parents and mentors to our offspring;to be morally upright citizens of our nation;and to be true and good practicing Catholics in words and in deed.
Long live the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan!

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